5 Holiday Gifts for the Pretty Princess

gifts for the pretty princessIf you don't have a little princess in your house, you certainly know one. And that princess needs a perfectly prim and pretty princess present this holiday season. Over-the-top tutus are soooo 2009 (and let's face it, she probably already has more than one in her dress-up stash), so let's move on to other princess-worthy accessories that sparkle, shall we?

Here are five royally awesome, if not untraditional, gifts for the pretty princess on your list.




Munchkin Super Star Potty Seat

Even princesses have to poop! Help your toddler achieve potty training superiority by offering up a throne fit for your special lady. This princess potty seat ($18.99) fits standard toilet seats and may be just what is needed to get that gal out of diapers and into frilly undies.

gifts for the pretty princessPoshMommy Princess Necklace

For the princess who has it all, a pendant princess necklace with her birthstone ($70) is a stunning gift the little lady can keep for a lifetime. A keepsake item, perhaps give grandma a big old hint about this beautiful sterling silver piece of jewelry.

gifts for the pretty princessBallerina Prints by Kyle Froman

Inspire your princess to put all that pirouetting to good use with Kyle Froman's beautiful prints from behind the scenes at the New York City Ballet (starting at $100). Decorate her room in a ballerina theme, as a constant reminder for your little princess to reach for the stars. Select prints are on sale for CafeMom's for $80 for the season.

gifts for the pretty princessDisney Princess Memory Game

This is one memory game your princess will rule. A great way to learn, as she'll be inspired to find matches of Snow White, Jasmine, and the gang with this version of Memory ($13.56). Just don't be surprised when your little one wants game night to be EVERY night from now on.

gifts for the pretty princessThe Princess Bride

Show your princess-in-training how a real princess can kick butt while making you laugh with this 20th anniversary copy of The Princess Bride on DVD ($7.49). Rated PG, simply hold her close if the ROUSs scare her, and know the innuendos will go straight over her pretty little princess head. A great break from the Disney offerings, you'll enjoy quoting the movie as much as she'll enjoy yet another princess story that ends in true love.


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