Are Shopping Cart Germs Costing Moms Money?

grocery store cartWhoever designed grocery carts must have had one plan in mind: make mothers' blood pressure sky rocket during cold and flu season.

Why else did they put the child seat so close to the handle where every Tom, Dick, and Sally put their germ-infested hands? They wanted you to spend your food shopping trip screaming, "Don't lick that! No, no, icky!"

Frazzled mom worried about cold and flu germs equals more junk you don't need piled into the cart, so it's a big win for the grocery store owners. I'm convinced that's why I've never seen shopping cart covers sold in actual grocery stores.

These giant floppy fabric things may be better than a glass of wine at calming you down, Mom, which means you'll be calm enough to stick to your list and save money. The best ones cover the entire shopping cart seat, so it won't matter where Jr. puts his hands or lips, they won't be picking up strange germs.


Unfortunately, not all covers are made alike (my first buy only covered the front and back of the seat, leaving open germy metal on each side of my daughter), so The Stir rounded up some better options to keep your toddler safe and save your money (even these are all under $30):

munchkin shopping cart cover

Munchkin Shopping Cart Cover Sea N Play $27.99 at Ideal Baby and Kids

Don't just keep the kids germ-free but keep them occupied with a full-coverage cover that sports a detachable toy bar. They'll be so busy batting at their sea friends, they might actually leave the candy shelves alone.

Jeep Shopping Cart Cover

Jeep Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover $22.99 at Amazon

Drive that cart with the same self assurance you have behind the wheel with a stylish cover from Jeep that sports a zippered compartment for you to stash your wallet and keys out of your tot's reach.

shopping cart cover

Floppy Shopping Cart Covers $22 at Koreena

Sometimes it just takes another mom to know what moms need, and this Etsy shop owner admits her covers don't have all the bells and whistles -- but they do the job. She's made sure they fit a variety of carts (even the big ones at Costco), and she's got a nice range of fabrics to choose from.

How do you keep your kids germ-free when you shop?

Top image via EdenPictures/Flickr

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