6 Holiday Gifts for the Saintly Babysitter

babysitter giftHave a good babysitter? They're like gold, aren't they?

If losing your babysitter to the cool mom with a load of cash down the street is your worst nightmare, a bit of advice: shower them with gifts. It's not beneath you, honey. They're the only one who gets that your kid likes her sandwich cut in triangles, not squares, and they need to stay.

Keep that saintly babysitter around with these holiday gifts:


Cold, hard cash

Yes, your sitter loves your kids. But let us get this straight. You are the parent. They are the sitter. So some ceramic doodad will not do what cash will do. Get it? Got it? Good!


umbrella necklaceTiny Umbrella Pendant in Sterling Silver $36 at Michelle Chang Jewelry

She swoops in like your own personal Mary Poppins, so honor her in the style of the world's best known nanny -- with her own magic umbrella handcrafted and lying on a delicate silver chain. At this size, we're willing to bet she won't be able to fly off on you when you desperately need her.

Savvy Auntie Tote Bag

Savvy Auntie Tote Bag $19.99 at CafePress

She's more aunt than babysitter. Or maybe she's your sister who watches your kids. Either way, remind her that she's really a part of the family with a bag from Savvy Auntie -- the hot go-to for women who have made being an aunt the coolest non-paying gig on earth.


flip cam

FlipSide HD $189.99 at Amazon

They're expensive, but every time you feel guilty that you're missing big moments because you have to go to work, you can feel secure knowing your sitter has that handy dandy Flip to capture it! (Disclaimer, Flip provided The Stir with one of these earlier this year to test out for a project, so we know it's extremely easy to use!)

wine opener kit

Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener Tool Kit $59.99 at Amazon

We hate to break it to you, Mom, but when she goes home for the night, your favorite sitter is exhausted. Too tired to even open that bottle of wine she so desperately needs. Get her this kit, and she won't even have to figure out how to get that foil off the lid. My husband bought one of these for me, and it's the best investment he ever made. He hasn't had to do it for me since.


Massage Gift Certificate (prices vary)

Your kids climb on this person. They use them as human jungle gyms. And this poor person spends every day on the floor bent over your baby with a bottle or your toddler with those floor puzzles. Soothe that aching back so they can make it back for more. Spring for the hour massage, and you'll have a sitter for life.

What is your sitter getting this holiday?

Images via luckywhitegirl/Flickr; Nick J.Webb/Flickr

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