Super Fun Menorahs for Kids

menorahs for kidsGathering around the menorah for eight nights can test the patience of any high-strung little one. This year capture their interest from the First Night, with these whimsical kid-friendly menorahs that your little ones will love. Once they're tantalized with kid-friendly accouterments, you can keep their attention with tales of the Maccabees.

Hanukkah starts December 1 so get your menorah on now!




Ceramic Crayons Menorah

One of the first loves of your toddler is his "colors," so why not continue that positive feeling into the holiday? These cute crayons ($29.09) hold the candles so the kiddos can also learn about each night of the oil alongside some art education.

menorahs for kidsPaint Your Own Menorah

Get your kids involved before the holiday begins by letting them paint their own menorah ($11.64) that you can actually use. Sure it will be messy, but he'll own it and be proud every night you light up his work of art.

menorahs for kidsFire Truck Menorah

All kids love fire trucks, and this could be the opportunity to sincerely speak on fire safety as you light up the candles on the thing your kiddo wants to make go "vroom." Of course, the goal is to get the little ones to the table and around the candles. Which they'll have absolutely no problem doing with this adorable fire truck ($35.72), with Dalmatian included!

menorahs for kidsBallerina Menorah

If you've got a prima ballerina in your home, she'll love this themed menorah for kids that adds a touch of whimsy to the season ($37.83). Don't be surprised if she's the first one to the table every night.

menorahs for kidsChildren's Battery Operated Maxi Menorah

Another great idea for Hanukkah is a menorah that little grabby hands can touch without burning their little fingertips. This battery operated number ($19.99) is also musical as it plays Ma-Oz-Tzur. Another bonus -- the little guy holding up the light wears a catchy tee reminding us of the reason for the season: Go Maccabees Go!

Do you have a special menorah for the kids?


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