5 Soaps to Make Toddlers Want to Wash Their Hands

hygiene heroes soapIt can be a dirty business getting toddlers to wash their hands.

Sure we know how important the process is in preventing (or at least trying to prevent) colds and flus and a host of other germy conditions, but for them it's just an annoyance that gets in the way of more important things -- like destroying the house.

So instead of harping on them to do what's right, lure them into doing what's fun by offering one of these cool soaps they'll be excited to use. Your only problem will be getting them to stop.

Here are five fun soaps for toddlers (and they're not so bad for adults either):


Hygiene Heroes $5.89 at Amazon

This collection of soaps feature different superheroes (Princess Sanipure, for example) who vocally teach kids the important of hand washing. Each also comes with a built-in musical timer to ensure they do so long enough.

Squid Soap

Squid Soap $3.99 at avaandashley.com

Not only does it come with a cool rubber squid on top of the dispenser, but it also marks a child's hands with vegetable dye that will be removed with about 20 seconds of hand washing. They'll be fascinated ... and clean.

Mr. Bubble Hand Soap

Mr. Bubble $2.50 at Amazon

Remember Mr. Bubble? He's still around and not just for the bath, but also in the form of this foaming hand soap that also doubles as a body wash -- bonus!

Sesame Street Soap

Sesame Street Foamy Hand Soap $4.45 at Amazon

Even without any big bells and whistles, the allure of Elmo's face plastered on the front is all many toddlers need.

Soaprise Hand Soap Dispenser

Soaprise Light Up Foaming Hand Dispenser $13.20 at Amazon

This soap dispenser lights up when you pump it and stays lit for 15 seconds, reminding kids to keep washing until it goes off. It's refillable, so you can use it with the soap of your choice.

Do your children balk at washing their hands? What tricks have you tried to get them to do it?

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