Wine Glasses for Kids: Let Them Feel Grown Up This Holiday

rainbow wine glassWe know what you're thinking. Wine? For kids? Fear not. Their days of drunken debauchery won't start until college (at least we hope not), but there's no reason the pint-sized can't have something fun to drink out of during the holiday season.

The holiday toast is a crucial part of every party I've ever been to, and even the adults who pass up on the spirits tend to drink their sparkling apple juice out of a nice goblet. The kids just want to feel like a grown-up, and a nice glass filled with apple juice can do the trick.

Rather than giving up your wedding crystal to the kids, how about buying them a wine glass just for them?


Impressions Pearl Stem Rainbow Acrylic Wine Glass $7.50 at Kid Smart Living

Rainbow beads call to mind the colorful stacking toys they loved when they were babies, and there's no way they'll mistake your glass for theirs. In other words -- no sloshed 7-year-olds pretending they grabbed the wrong glass. The acrylic used to make this means it shouldn't break if they drop it running for the gifts either.

unbreakable wine glassGrand 10 oz. Unbreakable Polycarbonate Plastic Wine Glass $4.50 at Amazon

If you have kids, you know to take the word unbreakable with a grain of salt. But boy does it sound tempting ... at this price it's worth a try.

polka dot wine glassesPolka Dot Acrylic Wine Glasses $27 (for four) at Let's Entertain

It's a party in a plastic cup with colorful vinyl polka dots. Save them for your kids' birthday parties down the line, and fill them with candies for the guests. That is if they survive being used for girls' night out.

Christmas wine glassHo Ho Ho Christmas Wine Glass $8 at PoofyCheeks

Your kids will always remember the first Christmas they were allowed to stay up with the grown-ups when they drink their grape juice out of their special holiday glass. It's made from acrylic, so it shouldn't break, and it comes from the Etsy shop of a crafty mom -- so you're brightening more than one family's Christmas if you buy.

How do you incorporate the kids into the toast?

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