6 Holiday Gifts for Dad From the Kids

vintage dad tshirtOh, what gift to get Dad for Christmas ... He's such a super guy. He does so much for the family. Doesn't he deserve a wonderful gift this year?

Of course, the gift from the kids will be much more fun if the kids are actually in on it. It's so boring when Mom buys the gift, wraps it up, and signs the kids' names without consulting them. This year, think fun and let the kids have a say in what gift Dad's going to get.

We've picked out six fun holiday gift ideas for Dad from the kids. With these ideas, the kids will love giving as much as Dad will like receiving.


6 Holiday Gifts for Dad From the Kids

Shown right:

Don't let Dad forget the year his life changed forever. Gift him this cool and customizable Vintage Dad Since (any year) T-shirt ($28) from Branded.

sesame street ernie hat mittens

The kids will get a kick out of Dad wearing this fun wintertime gift -- a Sesame Street Ernie Hat ($39) and Sesame Street Ernie Mittens ($38) from UO.

flannel j.crew

It's fun to cuddle with Daddy when he's all decked out in a super-soft Sunwashed Flannel Shirt ($69.50) from J.Crew.

paper ship ornament

Here's a fun Paper Ship Ornament ($26) for the tree from Jayson Home & Garden. The kids will love the sea adventure stories that Dad will make up to go along with it.

chemex kone filter coffee

Dad is a much nicer Dad when he's had his fancy cup of coffee. Have the kids gift him a cool Chemex coffee maker and Kone Filter ($75 for both) from Coava. And here's a 6-month coffee subscription ($71.70) to yummy Temple Coffee & Tea.

clarks desert boots

The kids will think Dad's super hip in these Clarks Desert Boots ($95) from Zappos. And you'll be happy to retire those furry bootie things he's been wearing for the last seven years.

What are your kids getting their dad this year?

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