What to Do When Your Toddler Has a Headache

toddler headacheYour little one isn't feeling so hot, and it's hard for him to put his finger on exactly why. Believe it or not, small children can get headaches (even if they're not stressed out at work), but there's no reason to panic.

Unless you've seen him bump his head, a headache in a toddler can be challenging to recognize. Even more confusing is what to do if your kiddo just isn't feeling quite right, but is far from needing a trip to the ER.

So how do you tell if your toddler's noggin hurts ... and then what?


If your toddler can't articulate "hurt head," here are some signs to look out for:

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Skin more pale than usual, with dark circles under her eyes
  • Brow is furrowing
  • Wants to keep her eyes closed
  • Low fever

If you don't suspect anything more severe, and you didn't see her hit her head, there are ways to make your little one more comfortable:

  • Lower the lights
  • Have her lie down and close her eyes
  • Keep her still by reading softly, telling stories, or playing soft music
  • Try an ice or heat pack on her forehead
  • Administer age-appropriate pain reliever (check with your doctor about dosage if you are unsure)

If her fever shoots up, the headache doesn't disappear after 24 hours, or fatigue, vomiting, or other symptoms appear, seek medical attention.


Image via Stacey Lynn Photography/Flickr


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