20 Annoying Toddler Traits

annoying toddler traitsThe YouTube video of the toddler stomping in his squeaky shoes is making the omigodisn'tthisfunny rounds, and I can't help but feel sorry for his parents. Sure, we think it's cute. But we can turn it on and off. Parents of toddlers know the repetition of cute things gets old, then we snap.

In fact, there are a number of those cute things that can make you want to run screaming from the playroom. Twenty, for starters.

If you haven't had a toddler yet, or it has been awhile since your senses have been assaulted, you may look at this list and think, "How mean! You should enjoy every second of your baby's life!" However, if you're in the thick of it, you too will understand why these toddler traits are more grating than all of those campaign ads we just stopped fast-forwarding.

  1. Constant demanding of entertainment that requires your involvement
  2. Asking "Why?" followed by, "Why?"
  3. Inability to grasp subtlety
  4. Lack of volume control
  5. Inept at getting food from plate to mouth consistently
  6. Grabby -- whether it's noses, butts, or dog's butts
  7. Incontinence
  8. Tactless in their honesty
  9. Don't understand the concept of money
  10. Center-of-the-universe syndrome
  11. Not using their words, i.e., hitting, biting
  12. Prolific neck cheese growers
  13. Bad taste in music & television
  14. Too lazy to walk more than a few blocks without stroller assistance
  15. Don't know how to relax
  16. Give in to their underdeveloped circadian rhythms
  17. Emotional outbursts for no good reason
  18. Dangerously curious
  19. Bad timing
  20. Overpowering cuteness/ability to get "their way"

What's the most annoying thing your toddler does?

Image via LaurenV/Flickr

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