Take Those Childhood Obesity Tips & Shove 'Em

junk food childhood obesityEszter Erdélyi of Feeding Your Kids doesn't have five easy tips to keep your child healthy. She doesn't have one special trick that will take your obese child and slim him down. Erdélyi, in fact, says that tips do not work in the fight against childhood obesity and anyone who says they do is selling you something. 

Why? Because we all already know that it's important to eat together as a family. We know that McDonald's shouldn't be a regular stop on the way home from school. We know that buying sugary snacks at the grocery store should be avoided at all costs. However, when you're crunched for time, when one person has basketball practice, another is working late, and a third is the pickiest eater of all time, and those gummy snacks are right at your child's eye level, these tips to save our kids get thrown out of the basket just like those 15 salad ingredients you thought you wanted to buy.

So what's a harried parent to do?


Erdélyi wants to help you create a friendly food environment so the next time you're short on time, the lunch box and the dinner table don't get the short shrift. And it can't happen by following a quick list of tips.

Feeding Your Kids teaches us through a 42-day Internet-based behavior change program so you can learn to identify unhealthy actions that are sabotaging your family's health. It's a free program and does require commitment on your part to create a healthy household. However, after you've adjusted to a new way of looking at food and feeding your family, it's emergency-proof. You won't be spending hours slaving over the stove. You won't have to resort to the drive-thru because you don't have time to cook, and you can even upgrade that pizza you just ordered in a rush and still give your children healthy meals every time.

Erdélyi knows parents don't have time or energy to cook homemade meals every day, so she shows you how to shop so you always have something healthy on hand. She shows you how to create a healthy lunch that won't go into the garbage can. Especially appealing to my family, she doesn't make you feel bad for serving pasta every day.

If you're in need of a food overhaul in your home, check out the Feeding Your Kids 42-day program (that has been endorsed by President Clinton himself) and change the way your family eats right now. Your arteries will thank you for it.

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