'Toy Story 3' DVD: Extras to Last You 'Day and Night'

Toy Story 3Toy Story 3 drops on DVD today, and if the dozen kids dressed as Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie the Cowgirl in my neighborhood this past weekend are any indication: kids will drive the sales this holiday season just like they did with the movie tickets over the summer.

It was the kids who helped it smash all sorts of box office records, but if you don't turn on the special extras for them, Mom and Dad, you'll be missing the best part for the whole family.


The special Day and Night short that Pixar slipped into screenings at theaters around the country has been added to the DVD version of the movie, which I recieved from Disney to review.

And it's just as good in Blu-ray as it was on the big screen. Or maybe that's because I didn't have 15 screaming toddlers behind me during this screening. Anyhoo.

The second best of the Toy Story films (my heart still belongs to Toy Story 2) shines even brighter with the story of Day and Night -- two characters who dislike each other for their differences at first, then come to appreciate what the other has. With an additional commentary by the movie's directors and a "making of" special, you can indulge in everything that has made Pixar shorts worthy of their own movie night (ABC did that last Christmas, here's hoping they do it again).

And if your kids aren't quite as enthralled as you are -- there's no talking in the short -- this is the rare DVD that comes with a host of very kid-friendly extras. Your tots will love to find out where the toys came from (even Woody and Buzz got upgrades), and go on a scientific adventure with Buzz Lightyear Mission Logs: The Science of Adventure. 

Considering kids tend to watch the same DVD over ... and over ... and over ... and, well, you get it, DVD extras are your friend Mom and Dad.

The question is: do you ever bother to take advantage of them?


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