5 Uses for Toddler Costumes After Halloween

5 uses for toddler costumesYou have the cutest dragon costume of all time for your 2-year-old, but he's going to be busting out of it in about three months. You can hold on to it for posterity or a future toddler, but if you're overflowing and want to purge -- there are a few ways to go with the Halloween costumes post-October 31 that won't make you feel guilty for using it once, then throwing it aside.

Personally, I've kept all of my children's costumes in hopes of making new memories with their children someday. But realistically, is my daughter going to put a Princess Leia costume on her baby? Not likely.

If you're not delusional, like me, and you want to practice the three Rs this Halloween, here are five options for your toddler costume:


Commit to a Costume Swap

Every moms' group I've been a part of has had an annual costume swap some time in late September/early October. Instead of buying a new costume next year, take this year's model and trade up. If you don't have a moms' group in your area, invite everyone you know with small children and host your own.

Have a Costume Party

Invite all your kiddo friends over for a post-Halloween costume party. It will give the kids one more chance to dress up like a ghoul before it's time to toss the sheet. Plus, you can send other people's kids home with the leftover Halloween candy.

Donate the Dragon

Instead of worrying that no one will want your used kid costume at the Goodwill, this is a great time to rid yourself of the little beast. Most thrift stores have this down to a science, and will pull out this year's donations in the nick of time next fall. Don't forget to hit the shop early next year to get a cut rate costume for every member of your family.

Get Crafty

If you possess the sewing gene, start ripping apart the fairy costume and create a beautiful skirt for your little girlie girl. Or remove the accouterments and potential choking hazards, and voila -- you've got some footie pajamas instead of a puppy.

Let Them Wear It Down to the Threads

If you have a theatrical toddler, this whole thing could be moot as you won't be able to get him out of his unicorn suit. If he insists on wearing it every day, make sure you wash it periodically and enjoy the show.

What are you doing with your toddler's costume after Halloween?


Image via drcornelius/Flickr

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