The Selfish Parent's Guide to Day Care

day care rulesDid you spend your child's first two years at home sick, even though you have a full-time job? Do you stock up on adult cold medicine as soon as your little one has a trace of fever (damn that family cold!!!)? Do you find yourself giving the stink eye to any adorable baby who looks like she's about to sneeze?

Then you must be a working parent who relies on day care.

Don't get me wrong -- day care is awesome. It's a much more affordable option than a nanny, and when you've gotta work, you've gotta work. Your kids learn how to socialize, share, and make adorable tiny friends. But the winters. Oh, the winters.

How about making things easier on yourself, and therefore harder on those around you?

This winter be "that" parent and take full advantage of your child's day care so you don't have to use all your vacation days staying home with a snotty toddler by breaking these rules:

  • Child must be fever free for 24 hours? Count in dog years. So it's been three hours since little Timmy stopped hallucinating? By the time you get him dressed and drop him off, you're in the clear.
  • Child must finish antibiotics before returning to day care? Come on, that's just BS. If she's "finished" them two days in a row, we're calling that complete.
  • Get a call that Susie is throwing up? You know you'll be right there -- after you get "stuck in traffic" long enough to finish that last report.
  • Did vomit happen before school hours? It's probably just some bad milk. Besides, they'll call you if she does it again.
  • Have Columbus Day/MLK Day/President's Day off but the day care is open? Wouldn't that be a fantastic time to go to the movies?*

What day care rules do you break?


*actually, yes.

Image via IMLS DCC/Flickr


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