Forcing a Toddler Into a Costume: Yes or No?

toddler tantrum halloweenToddlers are fickle. One minute they want to cuddle in your lap, the next minute they want to ride the dog. So she can be forgiven if she said "kitty" when you asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween, and now she's on the floor kicking and screaming because she really wants to be a cowgirl. Right?

Personally, if I bought a kitty costume, she's wearing the damn kitty costume. Something similar happened in my house last year when my 3-year-old seemed cool -- excited even -- about her Wonder Woman costume. She reversed her decision (and years of progress in women's equality) when she demanded her Princess dress as Halloween drew nigh. I didn't budge on October 31. Of course, when she went to pre-school on October 30, she was clad in sparkling pink.

I count that as standing firm, but I'm not sure she would.

You're about to head out to gather candy from the neighbors and your toddler is in Stage 4 meltdown. So?


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Image via koka_sexton/Flickr

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