Your Picky Eater Will Love Cooking With 'The Wiggles'

healthy snack for toddlersWe have an unhealthy obsession with The Wiggles here in our household, which might be more acute for me than my 21-month-old son. He likes "Hot Potato" and "Big Red Car." Up until a few days ago I couldn’t get "Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes" out of my head.

It all sounded like good, clean snack time fun.

Then I tried the recipe and discovered that "Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes" are, indeed, inedible. So the next time I started humming the tune, I whipped up something a bit different, a dish that I like to call Crunchy Munchy Hummus Cakes. Now I’ve got this little ditty on the brain. Sing with me, will you?


Crunchy munchy hummus cakes, they’re great to eat and they're fun to make.

In your hand or on a plate. Crunchy munchy hummus cakes.

“What do you do?”

If you don’t have it, buy the Angelica Kitchen cookbook. Open to page 160.

“What’s next?”

Boil some carrots in apple juice. Drain and blend with some ginger goo.

[Repeat CHORUS]

"What do you do?”

Make some hummus the traditional way. Load up on olives at the gourmet.

“What’s next?”

Pick up some Rye crackers, at the IKEA store. Spread on the carrot butter and hummus, too.

[Repeat CHORUS]

“What do you do?”

Stick the olives where eyes would go. Make a mouth with some dabs of orange.

“What’s next?”

Stick the cakes on a colorful plate. Trust me, your kids will think they’re great.

[Repeat CHORUS and take a bow!]

Would you try these crunchy munchy hummus cakes?

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