Cheap Halloween Costumes: Saturday Sales

pumpkin trick or treat Keeping our toddlers' clothes closets stocked can be a pricey proposition, so we're helping you out with a weekly dose of Saturday sales.

And in honor of Halloween, we're changing up our usual format. Here's how to costume your kid without crashing your checkbook.

Here's how to get it done:


1. Work the accessories:

A Cat in the Hat hat, gloves and big red bow tie is just $12.99 at Target -- and what kid doesn't have a black shirt at home?

A Minnie Mouse headband gives her the ears and bow for $7.99 at Disney Store; now all you have to do is add a pretty dress. Doesn't she have one?

Turn out your Mad Hatter with the hat/wig combo for $19.95, and add dad's ill-fitting old blazer and a pair of dark pants to complete the look for under $20.

2. Work the re-sales:

Ebay or your local thrift shop, it doesn't matter. Old costumes are often seriously cheap; and often have only been worn once. These are also spots to scout for pieces for an entire costume, saving you the cost of an entire new outfit.

3. Hit the pajama rack:

You'll save money with clothes you can use twice. Gap is selling cowgirl outfits for bedtime, and how about these robot jammies that will let him power down from trick or treating right into bed?

4. Hit the $25 and under rack:

Old Navy, Target and a host of other stores are economy-wise; they're putting costumes on a sale rack so you don't have to spend time counting pennies. So don't pass by your favorites without taking a gander even though we're not past the holiday. Don't forget to grab a reusable trick or treat bag to save you cash down the road.


Image via Old Navy

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