7 Foods Even the Pickiest Eaters Love

foods for picky eatersPeople who claim their children eat everything make me wonder what sort of Jedi mind tricks they have in their arsenal. However, after serving up a variety of meals and snacks for four years, I've also found some great options (while not too exotic) that the kids will eat as if it were chocolate ice cream -- without the sugar crash.

Try these 7 delicious foods out the next time you feel frustrated about getting good-tasting and good-for-them options in those little picky bellies:


Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

I've made this healthy version for the kids multiple times, and they have no idea all the goodness they're getting, along with their favorite cheesy dish.

Fruit Salad

If you present fruit as dessert, your kiddos won't miss that chocolate chip cookie after dinner when faced with a bowl full of fresh, seasonal sweetness.

Veggie Burgers

Before your kids get used to the drive-through window, start substituting veggie burgers for the meat version. As soon as they develop a taste for the healthy option, you'll feel no guilt about burger night.

Alphabet Soup

Especially effective when your kiddos start to learn the Alphabet Song, this fun food has mileage, and plenty of vitamins and veggies.

Broccoli Pizza

We recently discovered a pizza place that specializes in this delicious fun food option -- but you can make it at home just as easily. For more fun, tell your kids it's pizza with trees!


If you keep out the onion and tomato chunks, your kiddos will eat up a modified guac recipe along with antioxidants and lots of vitamins.

Blueberry Muffins

Giving the kids a great start with antioxidants sometimes takes wrapping it up in a delicious package. Blueberries are a super food, and taste great in kid-friendly muffins.

Image via C.P. Storm/Flickr

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