Beetles in Similac: Let's Be Honest, My Kids Have Eaten Worse

Green BeetleLet me start by saying that the Similac recall is not funny. No one likes to hear that the food they've been giving their infant has been recalled. And please, let's not even get into the whole THIS IS WHY EVERYONE SHOULD BREASTFEED!!! screaming match because newsflash, friends and neighbors: For a variety of reasons, some people need to use formula.



That said, I completely understand the gut-punch of finding out that the oh-so-expensive powder you've been carefully mixing and pouring into perfectly sanitized bottles while all the while trusting that what you're giving your baby is the best non-boob food you can possibly give was possibly tainted with INSECT PARTS.

Well, can we just take a moment to consider some of the things kids eat by CHOICE? Especially once they're in the toddler stage?

Because I don't know about your kids, but here's a list of some of the items I've fished out of my children's mouths, which I've shortened for the purpose of fitting in this article:

- Rocks
- Small tumbleweeds of dog hair
- The bottom of a shoe
- Mystery Foodlike Thing which was on the kitchen floor
- Sticks
- My cellphone
- Carpet fuzz
- Pine needles
- Brown chunk from the backyard which I pray was dirt

And on more than one memorable occasion, a plugged-in electrical cord.

I don't think I ever found them eating a bug, but I wouldn't even be remotely surprised if they did. It seems like with each child we spent months on end being utterly horrified by whatever they were just about to chow on. And I'm not even counting the things I purposefully gave them to chew on out of sheer desperation—like car keys, which are surely lacking in antiseptic qualities, and dropped pacifiers.

I'm just saying, while I'm disturbed by the recall and the questions it raises about quality assurance, my first thought was: beetles? Ehhhhh. At least it wasn't spiders.

What's the worst thing you ever found your baby trying to eat?

Image via Shek Graham/Flickr

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