What's Uglier Than Crocs?

Native Kids ShoesI didn't think it was possible to find a pair of shoes uglier than Crocs.

But given their popularity, I should have known it was just a matter of time.

The plastic-like abominations shouldn't qualify as footwear, yet they continue to proliferate on every foot of every child across the country.

I keep waiting for them to pass like a fad in the night, but unlike the short-lived Silly Bandz mania, Crocs show no signs of dying. In fact they continue to multiply into new manifestations all the time. Did you know there are now Crocs boots in which fake fur meets rubber?

Think it couldn't get worse than that?

Check out Native shoes for kids.


ElinaMamaista over at Babble called them the "newest and most exciting shoe launch of 2010."

I couldn't disagree more.

While I will give it to Native shoes on the safety factor -- they don't have that dangerous back strap that can get caught on things -- they're still made of PLASTIC (EVA to be specific).

The design isn't quite as ugly as traditional Crocs, but Native Shoes are more garish because they trick you into thinking they could be real shoes from afar, but when you get up good and close, you see that they should really be shredded.

Also, all those little holes may look OK on bare feet, but you know once temperatures start to drop, we're going to see them worn with SOCKS, which is a thought beyond bad.

And for $30, it's not like they're a bargain either.

Why can't children wear real shoes? There are so many great options for toddlers that AREN'T plastic, that aren't UGLY.

I don't care how comfortable they are. Pajamas are comfortable too, but I'm not going to let my children go to the playground in those either.

At the risk of sounding old and stuffy, when you look good, you feel good. And when you walk around with ugly shoes ... well, at the very least you look ridiculous.

So tell me, which do you think is worse, Crocs or these new Native Shoes?


Image via Babble

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