I Dress My Toddler Like His Dad & You Should Too

dress your toddler like his fatherIt's true the little girl section of the clothing store has so many more amazing options than the sad corner for little boys.

However, I figured out a way to make dressing the little dude fun: I try to make him look just like his father. Of course my husband doesn't realize this and only occasionally notices Judah is wearing something strikingly similar to an item in his own closet. I'm guessing he won't be thrilled to know I'm going all matchy-matchy with his little boy.

But if dressing my toddler like his father is wrong, I don't want to be right. I mean, look at this picture!

In addition to cuteness, here are three more reasons you should dress your lil' man like his pops:


In Case He Gets Lost

You'll never forget what he's wearing, and if it does slip your mind, you can just take a look to your left (or right -- you know, wherever your husband is standing in his matching H&M tee).

Because He's Going to Rebel Soon Enough

You've really got a limited time in making fashion choices for these little guys, so while you have complete control -- take advantage. In about 11 years he's going to take one look at his dad and put on the exact opposite.

Because You Love Your Man

If my husband didn't have a great sense of style, I wouldn't be trying to copy it via my boy. I love the way he looks and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Do you dress your little boy like his dad?

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