How to Lose a Toddler in 5 Seconds Flat

Toddlers are notorious for finding trouble and nobody knows that better than the mother in Turkey whose toddler recently sat in traffic for at least a minute before she spotted him on the road.

The video footage is harrowing and shows just how quickly a curious toddler can go from safe to in peril. We saw this tragically many times this summer with pool drownings and window falls.

As the mother of two toddlers, one of whom is on the older end (3.5) and one who is just 2, I see this constantly, especially with my son.

He stands at the top of the stairs waving his arms ("I can fly, Mommy!), he "swishes" in the bathtub ("like a fish!"), he runs away from me in stores (although not as fast or as far as his sister). In short, he's an exhausting little man. I have no doubt that given the opportunity, he would find trouble.

And, of course, that isn't even counting the days I find his big sister attempting to kill him in some way. It's a dangerous, dangerous world.


I rarely let my children out of my sight, but it isn't realistic to say I never do. I have to use the bathroom on occasion or take a shower or sleep.

I always make sure my children are safe in those times, but trouble can happen in less than the time it takes most of us to pee.

I did a couple of controlled, safe experiments with myself and my husband, mimicking our son's movements, and it was pretty scary.

Consider this:

  1. Amount of time it takes to open a window and climb out of it for a toddler: 2:30
  2. Amount of time it takes to fall in the tub and drown: 20 seconds, possibly less
  3. Amount of time it takes to open the door and walk into traffic: 3:45
  4. Amount of time it takes to find scissors and stick them in an outlet: 4:00
  5. Amount of time it takes to fall down the stairs: 5 seconds

Pretty terrifying. We don't have eyes in the back of our heads and we can't be on every second of every day (even though we say we can).

It is a wonder children survive toddlerhood sometimes.

How do you keep your toddlers safe (besides learning to pee quicker)?


Image via Public Domain Photos/Flickr


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