Movies That Will Make Your Kids Think You're a Genius

Black CauldronThere are certain movies from childhood that you will never get out of your head.

You know the catchphrases.

You can repeat whole scenes.

And you quote them at random moments. (ET, Phone HOME!)

This is why I love re-releases.

They make my daughter think I'm psychic. Or some sort of savant.


Take last week's re-release of The Black Cauldron on DVD in a 25th anniversary packaging.

It's been 25 years since the first one, and wouldn't you know it I still remember the pure joy of saying "Fflewddur Fflam" and thinking I wanted my own Hen Wen -- a pig who could foresee the future.

All I had was a dog. Who I had to feed.

So when she sat down to watch the movie, and I shared, "Oh, I love Hen Wen," she looked at me in complete and utter amazement. "You knew who that was, Mommy!?"

In 10 years she's going to think I'm an idiot. Let me have my moment people!

In fact, I'm taking Amy's list of movies that will make your kids cry as a personal challenge -- the bulk of them were out when I was a kid. And as a kid who had no TV and hence subsisted on what my father referred to as "VCR-vision," I had several of them on repeat. Albeit the repeat of the olden days when you had to actually rewind an entire tape back to the beginning before you numbed your parents' minds with the third watching in the course of one weekend.

Who needs the "walked to school 20 miles, uphills both way" story? We worked hard to drive our parents nuts, Mom and Dad.

The least we can get for it is a little flash to impress our kids.

Now if only we could borrow Hen Wen for the NEW releases.

Are you re-watching old favorites with your kids?


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