Unbreakable Toddler Survives 9-Story Fall

For those of us who have wept with fear when our toddler climbed over their crib rail and slammed to the ground, here's a lesson in how durable the little things can be.

A 2-year-old girl in Michigan survived a potentially bone-shattering fall, nine stories out a window to the ground.

From the local paper:

"A child survived a horrific accident after a broken window screen sent her tumbling from the ninth floor of a Southfield apartment complex, a tree reportedly breaking her fall."

And all she did, apparently, was break a leg.

Police Lt. Nick Loussia weighed in with the understatement of the year:


"It could have been a lot worse." 

You think, lieutenant?

Investigators think the child was going after a sippy cup left on the windowsill. So if there's a lesson to be learned here for parents, it's DON'T LEAVE A DAMN SIPPY CUP NEXT TO AN OPEN NINTH-FLOOR WINDOW

But on a more positive note, I think it's clear here that the world may have discovered a superhero. This is kind of how Bruce Willis discovered his powers in Unbreakable.

Though if the parents are geeks like me and excited at the prospect of a kid with comic book powers, they shouldn't get their hopes up too high.

My daughter was slashed on the face by our cat within moments of coming home from the hospital. I've been waiting ever since for cat-like superpowers to surface, but so far the only feline sign I see is that she's really hard to force into the car, and loves waking me up early to feed her.

Has your toddler shown any signs that they might be superhuman?

Image via Flickr.com/DanHarrelson

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