Toddler Sings Ridiculously Inappropriate Song

We know toddlers will memorize just about anything and this little girl who is about two is pretty adorable lip sinking and dancing, but the lyrics of the song are anything but cute. This little toddler is singing a song about rape.

Bed Intruder is the hilarious remix of a television interview with Antoine Dodson after the not- so-hilarious attempted rape of his sister. He saved her, but his interview was so passionate and crazy, it became a YouTube sensation and was remixed into a song.

A song this little toddler now sings.

I'll admit, it is laugh out loud funny (the song, not the baby), but it is an adult concept and not easy to explain to any child, let alone one who can't even grasp the concept of "good guys" and "bad guys" yet.

My kids think everyone loves them. I can't imagine them singing about someone climbing in their windows and raping their women (both of which are lines in the song).



I don't expect to shelter my kids forever. At 3 and 2, they love Lady Gaga (my son calls her "Gagaga") but I try to keep them focused on the beat and less on the lyrics.

I know kid's music can be ear splittingly bad and I am in no way suggesting they can't handle a little adult music and lyrics that go over their heads, but something about this video just does not sit right with me.

This little girl has her whole life to learn about the depressing things that go on in the world. Why make her even a little bit exposed to that now?

What do you think of the video?


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