Morgan and Milo, Kate Quinn Organics and Quiksilver: Saturday Sales

Morgan and Milo shoesKeeping our toddlers' clothes closets stocked can be a pricey proposition, so we're helping you out with a weekly dose of Saturday sales.

This week -- big savings on Kate Quinn Organics, Morgan and Milo, intitial tees, Quiksilver and.

  • Initial tees shout their individuality, without sharing their full name with strangers (ahem, stranger danger mom!). And they're half off at Chasing Fireflies this week -- $11.99 for the pink or the blue.
  • Morgan and Milo shoes are a new favorite, and Chi Chi Bean is making them easier to keep on tiny feet with a sale on cute kicks for boys -- $29.99 compared to $40 -- and flip flops for girls at $15.
  • Can't afford Kate Quinn Organics? Now you can! This skirt is just $5! And straight leg pants are $7. Pull out the credit card mama!
  • Quiksilver tees for little surfer girls are $8 at Figleaves this week -- compared to $47 that's a number I can swallow!
  • Hit the Gap this week for 50 percent off on a host of styles for boys and girls -- these jeans are just $13.99, this fun racing tee half that.

Image via Chi Chi Bean

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