Pit Bulls Make Bad Babysitters

Pit BullA woman in Florida needed to leave her house one hot afternoon, so instead of taking her 2-year-old daughter with her, she locked her in the garage.

But don't worry, there was a Pit Bull in there too, to watch over her.

When police responded to a disturbance call between Linda Koberna and her teenage daughter elsewhere, she told police she had left the toddler with a neighbor.

Only there was no neighbor, just the Pit Bull there in the garage, where police said temperatures had reached 105.

This mother has a record of drug abuse, and is an extreme example, but there are plenty of other parents out there whose ideas of what or who makes a good babysitter is questionable to say the least.

Here are five false "babysitters" parents sometimes turn to ... and shouldn't:

  1. Pets Pit Bulls or Pekingese, it doesn't matter how strong, brave, and protective your dog is, they aren't a substitute for a human who can do things like dial 911 and feed your kid. This goes for cats, dogs, monkeys, and any other non-human species.
  2. Cars There are endless stories about parents leaving their children alone in cars while they shop, gamble, or go about other day-to-day business. But just because they're contained doesn't mean they're safe. From dying due to heat, to stranger abductions, to a child putting a car in motion and crashing, dangers abound!
  3. Themselves Whether to smoke dope or go to work, plenty of parents just leave their children home alone to fend for themselves. So many problems and potential dangers, one can't even begin to list them.
  4. Other Children Some parents justify leaving more than one child alone -- calling the older one (who's not nearly old enough) the babysitter. A 10-year-old babysitter, anyone?  While I think it depends on the maturity level of the individual sitter as to who's old enough, some parents certainly push well, well below an acceptable limit.
  5. Television Good old TV may be the most frequently used false babysitter in history. Most of us are guilty of that one, even though we don't leave the house.

The fact is children need supervision, real supervision from ADULTS who can meet their needs and protect them. If you can't find one, then take your child with you wherever it is you need to go ... or just don't go.

What's the worse excuse for a babysitter you've heard?

Image via tobyotter/Flickr

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