Chuck E. Cheese Toy Recall: Not the Only Thing They Should Stop Selling

chuck e. cheese recallChuck E. Cheese has recalled 1.2 million light-up rings and toy eyeglasses due to some flimsy manufacturing.

Color me not shocked.

It seems the plastic on the light-up rings is easily busted up, making the batteries accessible to little hands. And two sets of those little hands got into some mischief, as one child swallowed the batteries, and another stuck a battery up his nose.

Of course, ingesting batteries can cause some serious damage to children's innards, but I'm going out on a limb to say there are other things at the entertainment venue that are just as damaging.

Here's what else should be taken off the shelves so kids can go back to just being kids:


The Pizza

While the whole restaurant looks like it could be covered in E. coli, those processed pies seem like the most logical host for a serious intestinal bug.

The Tokens

Until I see those tokens dipped in rubbing alcohol, my kid isn't getting the pleasure of plopping one of those in any slot. God knows what's in the slots also.

The Wrong Crowd

Gunmen, gangs, and out of control parents have made Chuck E. Cheese their venue of choice in the last year. And I cannot believe not one of these crazy things took place in my old Brooklyn location. That Chuck E. hang was just ripe for a throw-down.

Chuck E. & Friends

How many kids have NOT had nightmares after seeing these old animatronics "sing"?

Do you hang out at Chuck E. Cheese?


Image via downing.amanda/Flickr

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