Halloween Costumes Your Kids Can Wear All Year

Fireman CostumeI love Halloween, but I'm bothered by the wastefulness of the holiday. I buy my kids a Halloween costume, they wear it for a few hours, and then it's over. Even if they don't grow out of it, there's no way they'd want to wear the same costume again.

Yes, the photos of them dressed up as pirates and pumpkins are priceless, but the practical side of me is always looking for costumes that can be made from clothing that will be worn again long after all the candy is gone.

If you share my sentiment, here are 3 ways you can make a Halloween costume out of clothing your kids will wear again (no sewing required):


Option A: Accessorize "Normal" Clothes

My boys love to play construction. We have an abundance of hard hats and tools in our toy chest that can be used as part of this Halloween costume. I just need buy a few items of clothing that can be re-worn all winter and -- ta-da -- a construction worker costume.

kids flannel shirt
Flannel Shirt (ConstructionGear.com; $19.99)
Toddler Jeans
Place to Hang a Hammer (Old Navy; $10)










Toddler Work Boot
A Sturdy Work Boot That Will Keep Feet Warm All Winter (K-Mart, $14.99)

For a girl, you can start with basics like a tutu and some sparkly ballet slippers to make a beautiful princess, a twirling dancer, or a fairy.

girl ballerina skirt
TuTu Cute (Old Navy; $12.99)
sparkly ballerina flats
Sparkly Shoes (Target; $12.99)








Option B: Pajamas Aren't Just for Sleeping

There are a lot of cute pajamas out there that can double as Halloween costumes. And as a bonus, when your children pass out from a sugar high at the end of the night, they are already in their sleeping clothes.

astronaut pjs
Astronaut PJs/Costume (Old Navy; $10)
pink skeleton pjs
Pink Skeleton PJs/Costume (Gap; $22)















Option C: It's Raining Candy

Grandma bought my son this fireman raincoat and boots for his birthday last year. When Halloween rolled around (2 days later), this is what he wanted to wear trick or treating, not the costume I bought him. Fast forward to a year later, and any time there's a rain cloud in the sky, he still asks to wear this raincoat. Yes, it's a little pricey, but it's gotten tons of use.

Fireman Rain Coat
Fire Coat (Panano; $36.95)
Fire Rain Boots
Fire Boots (Panano; $29.95)









What are your kids going to be for Halloween this year? Will you make their costume or buy it?

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