Read This Before You Give Your Kid a Video Camera

Kid Tough VideocameraHere's what will happen when you give your toddler a video camera.

You will want to take a shower.

And they will want to play with their new camera.

This is what should never appear on the other end of a video camera:

A naked mother. With her stretchmarks. And shampoo in her hair.

But otherwise, experiment Give the Toddler a Video Camera is going swimmingly.


No, really.

Fisher-Price allowed The Stir to put their new Kid Tough Video Camera in a kid's hands, and we've confirmed what those cheesy grins in the school pictures have always betrayed:

Kids are total hams.

A Totally SAFE FOR WORK taste (sorry, folks, no laughs today -- shower video is gone ... forever -- thank goodness kids' toys come with batteries that can be murdered by devious parents):

See? Who cares what's going on in the rest of the world? She wants to show off her tricks. But at least she put down her food first.

Giving the toddler a camera is a quick way to find out what they're thinking, but the video camera offers that extra element -- she can explain what it all means. We need captions to their pictures sometimes ("That, Mommy? Oh, that's your big toe. See, up close it's got hair on it!"), but the video camera does away with the mystery. 

I'm finding a whole new child.

Have you let your child loose with a video camera?


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