Lunch Boxes I'm Stealing From My Toddler

lunch boxes for schoolBack to school shopping was always my favorite thing growing up. Even more so than the new kicks, picking out a stylish lunch box was my way of expressing my individuality. Today, kids have even more amazing options and I'm totally jealous.

I've been choosing lunch boxes for my daughter, but it's only a matter of time before she realizes this is a fab precursor to purse shopping and tells me to back off. For now, these are some amazing lunch boxes I love. And if I didn't work from home, would be stealing to take to my office.


Jiji & Peren Onigiri Bento Box

I love the popularization of the bento box in our country. Especially effective for my picky eater who can't stand having her food touching. The compartments keep everything in its place, and the cuteness makes me want to put it on my desk simply for the visual pleasure.

lunch boxes for schoolDante Beatrix Alexander Lunch Box 

I can't help it. I look at this lunchbox and I find myself dancing the robot. Beatrix lunch boxes have been a fixture around our house since I picked up my girl's very first pink bunny lunch box. They're durable, eco-friendly, and dishwasher-safe.

tupperware lunch boxTupperware Vintage Pak N Carry

I actually had this in my later years of lunch box carrying. Sleek, mod design, I really didn't know what kind of goldmine I was stuffing with cheese and crackers. Luckily you can get the original '80s version if you look hard enough. I highly recommend walking to your office and swinging it down the street with pride.

vintage lunch boxVintage Plaid Bag With Hand-Painted Kitten

My daughter would love the kitty, I would love seeing her (or myself) carrying this off to school as the leaves begin to fall off the trees. Yes, it plays into my boarding school fantasies -- again, for myself, I'm never letting my daughter leave home.

Jiji & Peren Onigiri Bento Box ($14.99) -- I Love Obento

Dante Beatrix Alexander Lunch Box ($34) -- Dante Beatrix

Tupperware Vintage Pak N Carry ($24.99) -- Bonanzle

Vintage Plaid Bag With Hand Painted Kitten ($26) -- Etsy

Images (top to bottom) via: I Love Obento, Dante Beatrix, Bonanzle, Etsy

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