Gwen Stefani Needs to Kick Her Kids' Spa Habit

Kingston RossdaleGwen Stefani was recently spotted leaving a salon with 4-year-old son Kingston after they both got manicures and pedicures.

This time he got red and white paint, but he has also been seen leaving spas with yellow, black, and other assorted colors.

Kudos for the creativity, but it seems like little Kingston Rossdale has a little spa habit. And it's one Gwen and all the other moms with toddlers in tow at the spa should stop now.


It's certainly not a gender-specific issue, rather an issue that toddlers and spa treatments shouldn't be used in the same sentence. Spending time together bonding is great, but it doesn't need to be done in a spa.

Why rush our children into doing grown-up things, especially grown-up things that put an emphasis on how we look? Why show them that shelling out money and time to primp and prune is a priority? There are going to be many years ahead where we won't be able to shield them from those superficial messages, why start pushing them so soon?

And aren't manis and pedis just gateway treatments to things like Botox for teenagers and hair dyes and other chemical hair treatments for kids?

All of these things are full of chemicals -- potentially hazardous chemicals, especially for growing children.

So is that really the message we want to send to our kids -- that looking good is worth risking your health?

Besides, how fun is it really for a toddler to sit there and wait for someone to paint his nails, then have to walk around carefully for fear of smudging them? Most adults I know don't really care for it.

There are plenty of other activities to bond with your kids that are much more fun, healthier, and set a better example. 

If your child really wants painted nails, then buy a nice, non-toxic bottle and let them have at it, but spas should be kid-free zones.

Do you take your toddlers to the spa? Do you think parents should?


Image via Splash News

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