10 Reasons I Wish I Was a Toddler

If only toddlers ruled the world.

Sure, it would be a sticky, messy, LOUD place to be, but also a refreshing, freeing one if we all acted as toddlers do.

Check out this video of a little girl dancing, inspiring everyone around her to see what I mean:

Lovely, huh? It makes me want to be her, to be that uninhibited and inspiring.

Here are 10 other reasons I'd like to be a toddler.


toddler princess1. I would ask for what I want. Or in true toddler form, demand it. I wouldn't analyze and hem and haw thinking I may be asking too much or with the wrong approach. I wouldn't let myself get walked on or denied things I want because I feared asking.

2. I would throw tantrums. I wouldn't keep all my emotions locked up. Instead of stewing and seething about this slight or that injustice, I would rage. I would flail on the floor and let it all out.

3. I would bounce back quickly. No matter how bad a day had been, a lollipop or a balloon would make all my troubles disappear.

4. I would play. I wouldn't feel guilty about spending hours doing exactly what I wanted -- creating, imagining, dreaming -- instead of ticking things off my to do list.

5. I would let life unfold before me. I wouldn't plan or worry about next week or next year, I'd simply let life happen, let myself be lead to wherever I was supposed to be going.

6. I would enjoy food. I would relish every treat and dish and embrace the experience of eating it because it tasted good and made me happy rather than fretting over every bit of a fablous dessert once in awhile.

7. I would make friends easily. I would walk up to anyone, without fear of rejection and strike up a conversation, ask to join their group, and not wait for an invitation.

8. I would giggle and squeal. When something delighted me I wouldn't just smile politely or congratulate myself in my head. I would belly laugh anywhere, anytime when something struck me as funny and would squeal my approval for life's surprises.

9. I would wear tutus. I would wear princess dresses with boots, tutus with my running shoes or anything else that struck my fancy. I wouldn't worry about over-dressing or under-dressing or matching or labels, and sometimes I'd just strip down in the middle of the day and go naked.

10. I would love unconditionally. Hugs wouldn't be withheld ... for long anyway, and grudges could be erased with a tickle session. Sloppy kisses and long cuddle sessions would be regular parts of my day.

In which ways do you wish you were a toddler?

Image via Tara Sowards




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