'Glee' Has Taken Over My Toddler

Glee First SeasonWhen Glee first hit TV screens last year, my daughter was still a toddler.

And pre-school didn't open until late morning. So she was wide awake when I was sitting down for my weekly visit to a high school where the freaks rule and the songs make me want to get off my butt and dance.

I was hooked. 

So was she.

We were two soundtracks into the iPod when I realized what I'd done. I Gleeked out my toddler.


And, honey, there ain't no looking back.

We've devoured the Glee Complete First Season DVD: Gleek Edition together. It lived up to its name. We did the Glee Sing-Along Karaoke together and got a look-see at the full-length version of the kids' audition pieces for Glee Club. Kvell.

It was some good old-fashioned mother/daughter bonding because Daddy has not a wit of interest in show tunes. And all that dancing makes for a tired toddler (and wards off child obesity to boot!).

Wait, but what about all that teen pregnancy, gay bashing, and a batshit crazy Mrs. Schuester?

They currently go over her head. And the beauty of the DVD is ... ahem ... a fast-forward button.

Works like a charm. Just as she's about to ask a question, it's all "yay, let's dance to Kurt's version of 'Single Ladies.'"

And, "Ooh, Mommy, can I play football?"

It's straight out of the cliche book -- music is the universal language, and Glee has proven to be a place for toddlers in primetime by virtue of the same poppy beats that get kids moving when they're played on Radio Disney.

By the way, my toddler's a Rachel. What about your little Gleek?


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