Hey 'Twilight' -- Thanks for Ruining My Kid's Name

esme cullen twilightA mom who named who her daughter Miley, before Miley Cyrus became the international superstar and pop culture phenomenon, is irritated. But not as much as her little Miley, who is looking for a name change after teasing has gotten the best of her.

I get how she feels, a little bit. I learned about the Twilight (another phenomenon) series via the gmail ads after I'd sent pictures of my daughter, Esme, to some family members. "Are You Esme Cullen?" the tag line read, linking me to a quiz on which Twilight character I must be given my answers questions about personality quirks.

I don't hate Twilight, I just haven't enjoyed the books or seen the movies. (But I have seen enough to know that I'm glad I didn't name my daughter Bella.) And still, I'm a little bit afraid that some people think I named my daughter after a teen vampire story because I'm one of those obsessed fans.


As Lindsay Lohan sues because everyone knows she is the only Lindsay, I feel bad for all those moms who named their baby girls before the teen actress exploded into the self-destructive 20-something that we do all think about when we hear "Lindsay."

And I imagine Michael Jackson even had some regrets about naming his daughter Paris once Miss Hilton became the talk of the town for her skanky, intoxicated behavior.

Like the Elvises of yesteryear, kids with famous names will be compared to their celebrity namesake, and sometimes cruelly. I'm just crossing my fingers that no famous Judahs decide to make a worldwide splash in the next 18 years.

Did a celebrity ruin your child's name?


Image via Elizabeth Reaser.org

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