Michael Ian Black Pens Filthy Kids Book

When a comedian whose most beloved sketch involves anal sex, fart-based suicide, and pizza says he's just written a children's book, I think I can be forgiven for thinking it's a hoax.

Michael Ian Black -- of the random and raunchy comedy crews The State and Stella --  tweeted today that "Beloved children's book author Michael Ian Black returns with an instant classic." 

It came in the same stream as his jokes about fisting and tampons. But it's true! Well, not so much the "beloved" and "classic" parts, but the book, A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea. Filthy ... as in pigs.


I thought it might be a name coincidence. Or a messed-up adult book disguised as a kids' book, like David Sedaris' upcoming volume of animal stories.

But no. And it's not even his first. He's already written two others: The Purple Kangaroo and Chicken Cheeks. (He's also written grown-up books like the awesomely titled My Custom Van: And 50 Other Mind-Blowing Essays That Will Totally Blow Your Mind All Over Your Face.)

He expressed my response best himself on Twitter today:

"People are always surprised that I write childrens books just because I am a disgusting human being."

I've heard that Lewis Carroll was kind of a sick dude, too. Doesn't stop us from reading the Alice books.

A Pig Parade, out this week and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes, looks like a delightful read, and maybe even a bit too plain and wholesome.

I guess Black was on the earnest, sweet NBC show Ed -- so he must have a bit of a cuddly side. And he does those Klondike bar commercials. And this summer I saw him and his lovely young family sitting outside a Jamba Juice in Pasadena, looking sunny as can be.

I've said it before about Louis CK (and myself at times), some of the dudes who appear to be the biggest dirtbags can also be the best dads.

What do you think of Michael Ian Black writing childrens book?


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