I Took My Kid to a Tattoo Parlor!

innapropriate places for toddlersThe first time I got my nosed pierced was at a summertime music festival. It was hot; I was a teenager. Now I'm a mom. And when I went to get it pierced again -- at an air-conditioned tattoo parlor -- I had my son with me. 

A sign on the door said no kids, but I feigned ignorance and went in anyway. He was asleep. No one blinked an eye when I rolled my massive Bumble Ride through the doors. The only, "oh ... you brought your baby" commentary came from the 20-something receptionist, who was pierced in far more adventurous places and tattooed from neck to nave.

She asked if she should, "like, babysit him."


The young woman looked like she had a fair amount of babysitting experience under her studded belt, being so fresh out of high school and all, but I declined.

By the time my son woke up, I had a gigantic dread-locked, speared, and tattooed father of two sticking a wire through my nose. Ezra didn't seem too bothered by it. Neither did the giant. Who's to say a tattoo parlor is an inappropriate place to take a child? We've gone to way more inappropriate places in his 19 months on Earth. For example:

  • A formal wedding, but you know what? It was out of state and I don't know any babysitters in Connecticut.
  • The immigration office in Seville, Spain, a horrible place for adults and a torture chamber for kids.
  • The Fine China department of El Corte Ingles, located right next to the glass sculptures and collectible figurines. I mean, if they're so precious, why are they kept at knee level?
  • A Zap Mama concert at Joe's Pub. Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber were there and they thought my baby sling was cute.
  • The dressing room of Victoria's Secret. Turns out, my son loves the dexterity of a good demi bra.
  • The gyno's office during a routine Pap smear. Ah well, it's basic biology.
  • And finally ... the hair salon, but I was only getting a trim.

What the most inappropriate place you've taken your toddler?


Image via Mlctuckerphotography/Flickr

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