Toddlers at a Wedding? Yes! And How to Dress the Little Party People

kid wedding dressSome people don't enjoy having their vows interrupted by a toddler in mid-meltdown. Luckily, we don't know those people.

Having taken my kids to more than one wedding (invited, not crashed), I'm here to tell you it's a good time. As long as you don't expect to be partying into the wee hours of the night or are required to perform any serious wedding duties, you too can get through the evening with your sanity, and your dress, intact.

The best part? They look so flipping cute in their wedding outfits. See, right here? That's my girl, getting ready to enjoy her cousin's big day.

If you have little ones to dress for a fall wedding, here are some more looks that will charm the pants off the other guests.


Noko Baby Nico Dress

My daughter was sporting this beautiful teal and green 100% cotton dress from Noko Baby at her cousin's wedding. Of course she was the flower girl, so we did it up right and added the matching headband. A real show stopper, you want to make sure your kiddo has a starring role at the big event when you dress her in this beautiful Japanese-inspired dress. Bonus -- it's comfortable and she could run around like a crazy lady post-duties.

boy suit for weddingJohnnie Lene Suit Set

When you need a modern suit for your little ring bearer, go with a smooth number from Johnnie Lene. This three-piece suit will be adorable when he slips off his jacket, revealing a vest that would make John Travolta envious.



girls dress for weddingAutumn Splendor Tutu Dress

This dress fills two needs: A comfy top for your active little lady, and a full-on tutu for the princess-loving active gal. My daughter would love to show up at any party in this ensemble, but a wedding this year would make the most sense. Yes?

baby boy wedding suitPetit Ami Sailor Suit Romper

This is a fashion risk, but if your toddler is bold, happy, and charms everyone -- go out on a limb and dress him up in a sailor suit. This style has been recommended to me before, and I'm pro-sailor suit. If you've rocked this look, please send photos so I can awwwww, all over the place.



Do you take your toddler to weddings?

Noko Baby Nico Dress ($86) -- Noko Baby

Johnnie Lene Suit Set ($54.99 - $64.99) -- Amazon

Autumn Splendor Tutu ($59) -- Etsy

Petit Ami Sailor Suit Romper ($40) -- Best Dressed Child

Images (top to bottom) via: A Peveteaux, Amazon, Etsy, Best Dressed Child

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