American Eagle Toddler Pants Recalled (Just Like Everything Else)

caution tapeAmerican Eagle recently recalled some shorts and pants made for toddler girls. They're under the company's 77kids brand, and are thought to pose a potential choking hazard ... even though no one has choked.

Affected designs include: cord pant, boyfriend jean, colored Bermuda short, medium vintage flare jean, doodle flare jean, rip & repair flare jean, and denim Bermuda short. Apparently, a "silver-colored slide closure" is the object of concern.

If you have any of these items, you can return them to American Eagle for a full refund plus a bonus $20 gift card. If they have your contact information, you may even receive a call from them.

I'm glad American Eagle is showing such care and concern for its customers, but c'mon, aren't these recalls starting to go a bit overboard?


It's one thing when there's an obvious and immediate danger -- like with cribs that can collapse or eggs that can cause illness -- but it's another when someone just might be able to figure out a way to harm themselves with an object, or someone does so in an isolated incident.

I bet I can pick up almost any item in my house -- from clothing to toys -- and find a way my toddler could possibly choke on it.

Scary, sure, but that's why I don't leave her alone, and that's why I inspect items of clothing before I buy them based on her developmental stage.

When she was in the stick-everything-and-anything-in-her-mouth stage, I wouldn't have ever purchased clothing for her that had buttons anywhere -- no matter how securely they were supposedly attached. Just as I would have picked up these pants and thought: No way, not for her, not yet.

Products absolutely should be made safely, and companies should do everything possible to protect their customers from harm, but they can't come in and monitor our kids and anticipate their every move for us. That's our job, as parents. 

Do you think some product recalls are overkill?

Image via Picture Perfect Pose/Flickr


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