Babysitters Gone Bad: 30 Terrible Tales

Mary PoppinsFor all the wonderful Mary Poppins-like babysitters out there taking wonderful care of our children, there are some others out there who ... let's just say may have not found their ideal profession yet.

Some infractions are criminal and obvious -- like harming your child in any way -- but here are a few other awful things moms have come home to find a babysitter has done (or is doing). Some are more serious than others, but I think all would earn a sitter a permanent place on the Do Not Call list:


1.       Cut a child's hair.

2.       Dyed a child's hair (step away from their hair).

3.       Taught the children some choice new swear words.

4.       Drank your booze.

5.       Clogged your sink ... with puke, after drinking all your booze.

6.       Ate all the cupcakes you made for the school bake sale ... and pretty much everything else in the house.

7.       Let a child eat so much junk food he got sick.

8.       Is in your bed with her boyfriend ... or worse, your husband.

9.       Rifled through your drawers.

10.   Is wearing your clothes.

11.   Downloaded porn on your computer.

12.   Is watching porn when you walk in.

13.   Told a child a family secret he was NOT supposed to know.

14.   Told a child a scary story that made her not sleep for weeks.

15.   Took it upon herself to have the birds and bees talk with the children.

16.   Showed the children a rated R movie that had way too many birds and bees.

17.   Racked up a huge long-distance bill while talking to her overseas boyfriend.

18.   Had a party.

19.   Had the kids tie her up, and couldn't get out.

20.   Got locked in a closet by the kids.

21.   Lost your child.

22.   Pierced a child's ears ... or any other body part.

23.   Tattooed a child. (Yes, it has happened.)

24.   Fed the dog things a dog shouldn't be fed.

25.   Went skinny dipping in your pool (as reported by the neighbors).

26.   Stolen things.

27.   Invited the pizza delivery guy in for an extended stay.

28.   Baptized or otherwise tried to convert a child to her religion.

29.   Used your condoms.

30.   Slept the whole time you were gone.

Just a few things to think about when you go over the rules with the sitter next time.

And to be fair, the list of kids' bad behaviors that babysitters have experienced is probably much, much longer.

What's the worst thing you've ever discovered a babysitter to have done while you were away?

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