'Wookiee the Chew' Book: A Perfect Storm of Nostalgia

Every toy and most of the movies from your childhood have been brought back for you to foist on your toddler. We've been blasted with Care Bears and Transformers, Karate Kid and, uh, Transformers

But illustrator James Hance has taken nostalgia-based kids stuff to a whole new level with his forthcoming book. Wookiee the Chew -- Winnie the Pooh retold with characters from Star Wars -- is like a perfect storm of nostalgia from your youth.


Han Solo as Christopher Robin (they really combine to make the perfect man, right?) Chewbacca as Pooh. R2-D2 as Piglet. It's like watching George Lucas making out with A.A. Milne. (Minus the tongue. It is a kids' book.) The only way it could titillate more Gen X parents is if Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony were mixed in as Eeyore -- though that would never work. She's too damn cheerful.

But before you dismiss the entire thing as an exercise in hipster-nerd-kiddie synergy, know this: It's adorable

The pictures are nearly as simple, cute and endearing as the Pooh drawings from the original Milne books. There's not a whiff of Disney in them.

Hance -- who's equally obsessed with Jim Henson and the Muppets -- calls his art "relentlessly cheerful" but it's got the same bits of melancholy as Milne. The drawings will also remind some readers of the sadly long-lost Calvin and Hobbes. If that doesn't make you nostalgic, nothing will.


Image via JamesHance.com

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