If the Smoking 'Baby' Can Quit, My Kid Can, Too!

The smoking "baby" (toddler) we all came to know and be horrified by back in May has apparently kicked his two-pack-a-day habit.

Ardi Rizal, a 2-year-old Indonesian toddler rose to infamy three months ago when a video surfaced of him puffing away like a 60-year-old lifelong smoker.

It is now safe to say that, after a month-long rehabilitation program involving the National Commission for Child Protection, psychologists and doctors, the little boy has kicked the habit. Hopefully for good.

Let's ignore the complete insanity of a 2-year-old with a 40-cigs-a-day addiction and instead focus on the truth: toddlers have some nasty habits that can be hard to break.

Reports said that the boy would throw fits if he did not get his favorite brand of cigarette and for a moment, after I read that, I briefly felt for his family as I know the wrath of a 2-year-old boy well.

Then I went right back to thinking they suck.


Still, it is hard to deny that toddler boys have some nasty habits. So, in the interest of fairness, I will reveal the five habits I would most like to send my son to rehab to kick:

  • Nursing: My son wants to nurse like a newborn. Forget when he is tired, sad or hurt. My toddler wants to nurse 15 times a day. And he is not polite about it, either. He claws at my boobs, demands to "nursi, mommy!" and flies off the handle if I dare say no. Rehab might be the only way to go with this one.
  • Bedtime theatrics: We seem to go in spurts. He will be great for a few months and then bam! We are in hell for a week -- screaming, thrashing, "I'm scared, Mommy" hell.
  • Preferring popsicles to dinner: My son never wants to eat real food. He only wants popsicles, yogurt and graham crackers and it is very hard to convince him otherwise without a massive communication meltdown.
  • Indecision: My son has a horrible habit of wanting something, immediately changing his mind and then wanting it again. This back and forth can sometimes last up to 20 minutes and often involves screaming and foaming at the mouth. Did I mention it is very frustrating?
  • Pinching: We are going through a pinching phase with the little guy and it is not pleasant or fun to have my skin routinely squeezed between two tiny litle crab claws.

If little Ardi Rizal can do it, we can, too!

Does your toddler have any bad habits?


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