Boys With Awesome Hair: Rock the 'Do, Little Dude!

cafe mom toddler boy hair stylesMy cousin recently updated her Facebook profile with the announcement that she'd finally cut her 5 1/2-year-old son's hair.

She reported, "I was the only one in tears."

According to family lore, her son later proclaimed, "I've heard about this look little boys have. Now I have it!"

His hair now grazes his ears instead of reaching down his back, dangling perilously close to his butt. Perilously, I say, because I always worried that he'd get his hair stuck in a piece of machinery one day or wrapped around the chains of a tire swing.


As women, many of us develop long-term relationships with our hair. We can't help it. A lot of us moms take that a step further and fall head over heels in love with our sons' hair. We might hold off on cutting it until they're well into their boyhood years, or maybe even slather some product through their strands and style it this way and that.

Some parents deride such mad hair abandon, calling it feral or undisciplined. Others deem it bad grooming. Ha, I say have you ever tried to brush the hair of a super-active toddler boy with more than a couple of inches of hair? It takes mad grooming, I tell you.

Here, an ode to these rock ‘n' roll toddlers and the moms that comb, shampoo, condition, and detangle them.

CafeMom PrincessRSX03 tells it straight: "I luv his hair :)" she writes. Me, too.

 cafe mom toddler hair boys 

Here's Leland before ...

 cafe mom toddler boy hair styles
... during ...

 cafe mom toddler boys  

... and after his first MAJOR haircut. He takes it like a champ and still looks really cute.

 cafe mom toddler boy hair styles
Mama2Becks has a little David Beckham in the works, minus the tattoos, of course.

 cafe mom toddler hair styles
Part gentle lion, part cuddly bear -- these red boy locks are divine.

 cafe mom toddler boy hair styles
I've got to include my little guy's head. I adore his hair and would hate to see it go. I'm going to hold off on cutting it for another year.

Does your boy have awesome hair?


Images via emily_b; PrincessRSX03; LelandsMommy; Mama2Becks; sstepph; emily_b 


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