Is It Time for the Big Boy Bed?

when do move to toddler bed

The Little Climber

Ditching the crib for a toddler or twin bed is a major milestone that carries some emotional weight as well. Since my husband and I aren't planning on having any more babies, when my little boy moves on up -- there will be no more cribs in our house again. Sniff.

However, the boy has started climbing like it's a competitive sport, and I caught him with one leg almost over the top rung of his crib. He's tall for a 17-month-old, and he's active. So even though he's one month shy of toddler, and one month shy of the youngest age recommended to move him to a big boy bed, we're in talks to fold up the crib for the last time.


With my daughter, we moved her out of her crib at 2.5, which was also six months before my son was due. We didn't want a dramatic transition when the baby arrived, and most people recommend one major change at a time for a toddler.

We also had just started to potty train her, and another recommendation for moving into the big bed coincides with potty training. After all, if they've gotta go in the middle of the night, they're going to need to get out of bed themselves. She transitioned easily to the toddler bed, and acted as if there were invisible bars still in place, never getting up and wandering around her room if she couldn't get to sleep right away. We left a body pillow on the floor next to her for a week before we were comfortable knowing she wasn't going to fall out and conk her head.

But 1.5 vs. 2.5 years old is a mighty big difference. We won't be able to talk to him like we did his big sister, since his communication skills are a whole year behind. We can't have him pick out sheets and get excited about his new bed, and we have no idea how he will act when the lights go out.

On the pro side, his sister has a bunk bed and the bottom bunk is floor level, so no worries about him falling out. And I would much rather not wait until I'm alerted by a tragic thump when he succeeds in scaling the walls of his crib. Plus -- getting rid of the massive crib will give the kids a lot more floor space in their shared bedroom.

We're incredibly undecided at this point, which means he's staying for a little while. After all, we knew a kid who celebrated his 4th birthday and still was sleeping in a crib. That seems crazy old, but 18 months seems so young!

When did you transition your toddler into the big kid bed?

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