5 Toys a Toddler Shouldn't Borrow From Big Sister

5 toys not for toddlers

Super Fun Toy ... for Ages 3 and Up

Sharing is one of those early lessons you teach your toddler. As soon as the first play date is arranged, all the parents in attendance could go hoarse saying, "Share!" repeatedly.

If your little one has an older sibling, you spend just as much time trying to convince her that baby brother needs some lovey time with the stuffed Brobee doll too.

But sometimes you need to let big brother or sister have their own fun. In fact, sometimes it would be dangerous not to put a "no sharing" rule into effect.

Here are the five toys in our house that we never, ever, ever let the toddler grab from his older sister. EVER.


Fisher-Price Trio

A tough one, because if he ever sees this amazing building block game (pictured above), he charges the box. But the blocks are still on the scary side of choking hazard, and after all, it's for ages 3 and up. Our solution was to keep this toy in my office, and my daughter gets a special invite to come play, baby-brother free.

Dinosaur Egg Fossil

Can't you just see a grabby toddler sticking this slime into his hair, the dog's fur, and then down his throat? It's super-fun to find the dinosaur inside, but that's probably a choking hazard too.


My daughter loves the plastic clip-on earrings and plastic beaded necklaces. I thought it was cute until one broke all over her room and I spent two days grabbing the clear "diamonds" out of his hands as they made their way to his mouth.


Toddler boy or toddler girl, Barbie is just not the role model I want in their cute little chubby hands. I've given up on the pre-schooler, but the toddler will NOT get the uber-boob exposure just yet.

Colored Pencils

We let him play with her crayons all he wants; they're non-toxic and he loves to "draw." But the sharp points of the colored pencils make me scream, "You'll poke your eye out!"

What toys are off-limits to the little ones in your house?


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