Themed Lunch Boxes to Get Your Toddler Excited About Eating

Ladybug Lunch boxAs the big kids get to select all their new school supplies, preschoolers typically don't have much on their list.

So for those who are in school or daycare long enough to need a lunch, a lunch box can be one exciting purchase.

It's a great way to let your child show off his or her personality and interests as well as to make eating lunch a little bit more enticing.

Here are a few to consider for variety of toddler tastes:


1. Cute as a Bug ($32; Company Kids) What could be cuter than this ladybug lunch bag for your little lady? It's also machine-washable -- bonus!

Cars Lunchbox

2. Cars ($15.25; Amazon) Your little speedster will race to eat up the healthy lunch you pack for him in this insulated sack that sports Lightning McQueen.

Dora Lunchbox

3. Dora ($9.99/Target) You may not be able to stand her, but there are few little girls (or boys) who have been exposed to Dora the Explorer that don't find her and her little monkey fascinating. And your daughter (or son) can get her fix without you having to hear "backpack, backpack" all day.

Animal lunch boxes

4. Animals ($9.99/ If your toddler is fascinated with animals, check out these Munchler lunch boxes that are shaped like a dog, lion, bear, or rabbit. When you unzip them, they unfold into a place mat -- clever and cute.

Solar System lunch box

5. Solar System ($15.99; Crocodile Creek) My son was obsessed with space in preschool and would have flipped for this far out lunchbox. I love that it's educational too so they can learn about Uranus while they eat their yogurt.

Fairy Lunch Box

6. Fairy ($18; Add a little magic to lunch with this bright purple fairy lunch box. There are even sparkles, which means I might borrow this one.

Which lunch box would your toddler be most excited about? What other cute ones have you found?

Images (from top to bottom) via: Companykids, Amazon.comTarget,,

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