Think Your Toddler Is a Terror? Check Out These Six ... They'll Make You Feel Better

Masche SextupletsBeyond Kate Gosselin and her brood, I've kind of drowned out the steady hum of reality shows based on parents of multiples and those with many children ... like 20. So I wasn't all that surprised that the WE tv show Raising Sextuplets had never made much of a blip on my radar until I saw the Masche family last week on the Today show.

How could anyone not hear of them? I think they could be heard in China as they wreaked sheer havoc on that set. These six 3-year-olds were Naughty, with a capital "N" and out of control. They were running around, not listening to what their parents or anyone said; and one little boy continued to beat on poor Natalie Morales.


Some have criticized the parents for doing little to control the children; an article on Babble called it a "major parenting fail". But really what you do in the same situation on national television?

I hate few things worse than having to discipline my children in front of other people. I always second guess myself and wonder if they think I'm being too lenient or too harsh. I know I shouldn't, but I do. And to be doing it in front of the entire nation, well, I'd probably freeze too.

As the mom tried to explain, the kids were tired from travel and hadn't slept. I've been there. I know how a couple of missed naps can send the whole day into a downward spiral Mary Poppins herself would be powerless against.

And good lord, there are SIX of them. SIX 3-year-olds. I'm tired just typing that phrase.

My one 18-month-old and her tantrums and whining and food tossing are about to send me into tantrums of my own some days. So to think of managing six ... well, I can't.

But I'm going to try.

Every time my daughter screams, I'm going to think of how much worse it would be with five additional voices chiming in. When I look at the food she throws on the floor, I'm going to be thankful that it's not six times more I have to clean up; and when she has next public tantrum, I'm going to thank my lucky stars we're not on live, national television ... because there's no telling what I (or anyone) would do if they were faced with such a challenge. 

Do you think the Masches should have handled the situation differently?






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