Bedtime Story Collections: More Stories, Less Space

bedtime storyUntil we found the bed saddle, my daughter's bed was littered with so many books at night, there was barely any room for her.

Forget finding space for my ample rear end to actually read a bedtime tale. And yet we're that kind of family -- there is no bedtime without a pre-sleep story.

But finding a way to cut down on the clutter without sacrificing our entire family's obsessive relationship with books has meant returning to an old trick from childhood.

The bedtime story collections.


As a toddler I had one large book filled with 365 different stories. It was meant to last a family an entire year, but I could never get by on just one story from my parents; so usually it got us through a few months at most.

The book is both British and out of print, but I managed to find it online for a hefty price when my daughter was an infant.

And I've added to it a few of these much easier to find tomes to maximize our space:

Tomie dePaola's Mother Goose -- Hands down one of my favorite children's authors, dePaola's known almost as well for his whimsical illustrations. That's what he brings to dozens of classic nursery rhymes in a book that celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, delighting yet another generation.

Treasury of Literature for Children -- This enduring collection of short stories, poems, and excerpts from the likes of Aesop, Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Brothers Grimm, and A.A. Milne covers childhood from toddler to tween. A springboard for a love of literature.

The Fairy Tale Book and The Bedtime Story Book -- New this summer from Scholastic, these collections of the classics have just enough illustrations to keep the younger kids engaged, but they skew a bit older. Still, you can't beat the price -- $6.99 apiece at Scholastic's Store.

What are your favorite collections for bedtime?


Image via Scholastic

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