Denim Diapers: I Went From Hater to Lover and Now They're (Almost) Gone

denim diaperGenerally speaking, I don't watch television. We don't even have one. As such, when I clicked on the TV while visiting my family for the summer, I was aghast when I saw the Huggies commercial for the Jeans Diaper.

"What kind of consumerist society is this?" I scoffed, admittedly holier than thou. "Jean diapers for toddlers? ¡Por dios!"

Only in America could diaper marketing stoop so low, I continued, only to find out that the denim diaper was already a hit in Israel and 20 other countries. Still, I seethed in indignation every time the debonair babe declared, "I poo in blue."

When my sister inquired about my obsessive ire over the denim diaper, I could come up with no other explanation than:

"Well, they're ... stupid." That's right, stupid.

I'm not the only one who felt that way. ABC, ABC Family, and Sprout refused to show the original commercial (click through to view), objecting to the use of the word "poop."

Then I tried one on my son, and you know what?


We love the denim diaper and now Huggies is going to take them away from us! They were limited edition!

The denim-patterned Little Movers Jeans Diapers were not long destined for this world, gracing shelves in June and July only, just long enough to break my heart.

Like most mothers, I've flushed many a diaper fantasy down the toilet, cloth-diapering being the first among them, followed by flushable and then biodegradable. After that every incarnation of disposable brands has entered our diaper bin, from Pampers to Dodot, which is really the Iberian version of the English language classic.

He could be sending me potty signals, but my son has grown tired of all this disloyalty, kicking and squirming out of my grasp when diaper time comes. Sometimes, he'll even tear off his diaper and run penis akimbo across any open space he can find. I acknowledge that there are certain developmental leaps involved in his eschewing of diapers.

And yet, one day my sister came home with a pack of jean diapers as a joke, which I ignored until ... my son walked over to the unopened package, picked it up, brought it back to me, and declared, "Caca."

What's this? I wondered, is he asking me to change his diaper? A quick sniff confirmed that he was, indeed, in need. This was not the change I was expecting.

He sprawled out on the floor, ripped off his soiled diaper, and waited -- patiently -- for me to put the denim blue diaper on his bum. Then he hopped up, inspected his new duds, and expressed his approval.

"Oh yeah," he squeaked, followed by some other happy gruntings. Now instead of parading around full frontal, he confidently struts around with his pants full, "full of fashion."

Diaper time has continued in this vein for a month. Now that it's inching towards the end of summer, my dear friends, it looks like the holiday is over.

All three of my local Targets are sold out. So is CVS. I can only imagine the situation at Walmart.

Denim diaper, in all your dapper doo-doo, I shall miss you.  

Did your toddler live in the Little Movers Jeans Diapers this summer? If so, can you spare some blue for me?

Image via Huggies

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