Plus Size Clothes for Toddlers: Not the End of the World

overweightA British clothing chain is getting a mixed reaction to its new plus-size clothing line for toddlers.

Is this really the sign of the apocalypse?

Marks and Spencer reps tell the Daily Telegraph that the "plus fit" line for kids as young as 3 is in response to customer demand -- they're more generously cut to keep up with kids' growing waistlines.


Naturally the outcry is that this will somehow encourage childhood obesity.

Too late.

In Britain alone, 16 percent of kids aged 2 to 15 are obese. That's without clothes to fit their bodies.

It's not the clothing making them fat. It's poor nutrition, poor parental role models, poor exercise routines.

And at the end of the day, don't these kids deserve clothes that fit them? At 3 years old, wearing ill-fitting clothing isn't going to force them to stop eating. It takes a parent to help with that.

But it will make them uncomfortable to trip over the length of size 6 pants because it's the only thing with a wide enough waistband. How do you expect them to get moving if they can't walk straight?

Frankly, I come from the other direction -- my daughter is tall, with a small waist. She is constantly hiking up her pants because they're falling off her hips, and I feel for her. She's already on the path to the curse of womanhood -- never finding clothes that actually fit her body just right. 

Obesity is a problem that needs to be addressed, but treating overweight kids like they deserve to be uncomfortable is not fixing it.


Image via tibchris/Flickr


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