House Overrun With Toys? 5 Stylish Storage Solutions

Toy ShelvesI'm living in Toyland, quite literally.

Everywhere I turn, there is one of my toddler's toys or a piece of a toy or a basket overflowing with toys that I trip over.

In desperate need for organization, I set out to find some storage solutions that are both cute and practical, beyond a bunch of baskets on the floor.

Here are five favorites I found:


Elfa Storage System

My organizational fingers get itchy just looking at this storage system from The Container Store -- it looks so nice and neat. I could use colorful baskets to accessorize the room. On the higher shelves, I could put things I'm not ready for my toddler to have at her disposal quite yet. The only downfall is the price, which is pretty steep: $447.56.

musical toy box

Musical Toy Box

I'm drawn to the nostalgic look of toy boxes, and they come in hundreds of designs and themes. This musical one is cute and serves as a toy (albeit a noisy one) itself. From, it's currently priced at $134.67.


Walmart has these great cube-shaped ottomans in a wide range of colors for only $17 apiece. While they don't hold a ton, they can also double as great seating in a child's room or playroom.

toy box

Soft-sided Organizer

I like this Sassy soft-sided organizer because it closes and contains all the clutter inside, but also because there are no sharp corners like on some of the wooden crates I've found. Plus, it's cute. I found it for $34.99 at Target.

toy cubbies

The Ultimate Organizer

And finally, if money was no object, I would have at least one and probably more of these magnificent contraptions in my home. It's from Pottery Barn Kids -- whose catalog I largely blame for my organizational obsession and subsequent feelings of inadequacy -- and runs ... $1,489, on sale. So I'll just continue to covet it.

Of course, another solution is a great big GARAGE SALE.

What are you favorite ways to store your toddler's toys?

Images (from top to bottom) via: The Container Store,,, and Pottery Barn Kids

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